Feb 19, 2017

Review: Xi Yang Yang

I found out via friends that there was a Xiao Long Bao place in Yangon and... not going to lie. I went MAD.

I bugged every soul to take me there (as yours truly has the worse road sense) and finally I was taken there Sunday by my childhood friend.

Note: Parking there is a nightmare (in that township area in general) so I highly recommend you go there via cab.

It's a two story narrow building. I can't attest for sure how many fits but I can safely say: not much.
I hope they have plans to expand.
Their utensils are cute.

This means that it was cleaned via a service.

And so we ordered... and we ordered a lot....
The main reason I'm here...

Sesame buns

The variety of soy milk. P.S: dark soybean was best

Fried dumpling + Beef rolls

Fried rice + Pork ribs
(we just wanted the rice to be honest...)

Shrimp wanton

Gotta have them vegies: Kalen

And we ordered this cause the other table ordered and it looked good: taro

Review: I was not disappointed. It actually surpassed my expectation and my expectation was top of all Xiao Long Baos: din tai fung. The soup dumpling had more soup and just as much meat. It didn't have that "msg" flavor. Not that there's any at din tai fung (or so they claim). Just natural flavor. Would I return? Most definitely! It's even my favorite. I truly hope they expand cause after this... I might no longer get a spot to sit anymore.

Till next time.

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